An Uncontrollable Child
The autobiography of an Aboriginal artist

By Reggie Sultan
ISBN 9780977503520
Published by David M. Welch 2008
Format: Paperback
108 pages, with 90 colour photos, 2 black and white photos and a map.

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In documenting his life and art, Reggie Sultan provides a unique window of insight for the reader to clearly grasp the concepts and nuances found in Central Australian Aboriginal art.

From a Kaititja (Barrow Creek area) Aboriginal mother and an Afghan father he grew up to be a successful Aboriginal artist, painting in both the landscape style with watercolours and the non-figurative traditional Central Australian Aboriginal art style, where he employs either a dot background or his unique speckled background.

After running away and stealing cars, Reggie Sultan was described by Welfare Officers as “an uncontrollable child.” Reggie tells his story of being sent to boys’ homes in Sydney, Adelaide and Darwin, of his escapes, being sent to gaol, his work as a stockman, and his development as an Aboriginal artist.




Reggie painting at the Devils Marbles (Karlwe Karlwe), south of Tennant Creek.
These consist of outstanding gigantic round granite boulders and stacks spread over several square kilometres. Here, he is painting in a watercolour style on paper.






The finished painting of the Devils Marbles
Reggie Sultan. 37 cm x 55 cm.



Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters

Reggie Sultan has recorded the story of the Seven Sisters as a children’s book of the same name. This is in print, and bookshops may obtain copies from the book distributor J. B. Books or from the publisher David M. Welch.

Seven Sisters Seven Sisters


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